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Hudson Art/Local History Competition

Post Date:02/12/2018 11:46 AM
  • School NameP-CEP

Jessie & Sam Hudson Art / Local History Scholarship Competition

This scholarship fund was established by Darrin Silvester, Salem High School Social Studies Teacher, in honor of the combined works of Jessie Welsh Hudson (P-CCS art teacher from 1961-1975) and her husband Sam Hudson who dedicated countless hours to capturing the stories of Plymouth’s magnificent past. Sam was the author of “The Story of Plymouth, Michigan: A Midwest Microcosm” and “Michigan’s Tenth Largest: Plymouth-Canton Community School District 1830-1986”

To provide financial assistance for a post high school education to a Plymouth-Canton Community Schools student.
Amount to be awarded:
     First Prize: $350 (non-renewable)
     Second Prize: $150 (non-renewable)

Who is eligible...
Any current student of Plymouth-Canton Community Schools or graduate of Plymouth-Canton Community Schools after May 2013.

▪ Completed application form - see attached form (PDF).
▪ Agree to present your work at a formal event held at a place and date: To be determined
Submission deadline May 25, 2018

b&w headshot of Myron Beals Plymouth class of 1915

2017-2018 Theme:
Using the media of their choice but not to exceed 24” x 36”, students are to depict the story of the life of Myron Hobart Beals. Myron was the class president of Plymouth High School in 1915. He ran track, played football and was listed as “most sarcastic” of his class. He spent the majority of his time chasing around his fellow classmate and full-time love interest Helen Tighe. Following graduation, where Myron would give the president’s address, Myron would work at the Daisy Air Rifle Co. in Plymouth. When the U.S. finally engaged in WWI (100 years ago this year), Myron would join the 6 th Regiment U.S. Marines. Before heading off to camp and battle Myron would propose to Helen and she would accept. Myron was gassed on the front and was forced to the infirmary for a time. Later he would return, as a Sergeant, to lead his men. This time he would be seriously wounded, causing an amputation of his leg before finally succumbing to the injuries. Myron’s body would be buried in France for the duration of the war but would return to Plymouth Michigan in 1921 where his old high school (newly constructed after the fire of 1916) would hold his funeral services.

Historic documents helpful to project (32 page PDF) in Google drive containing yearbook excerpts, scanned newspaper clippings, images) 

Note that if you open this link while logged into your school account, the document will be available to you in your Google drive. 
Please read this online and print ONLY what is absolutely needed.  Reading online will also allow you to zoom in for details.

Note : Both 1st & 2nd place winners artwork will be surrendered to the scholarship foundation


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