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Shakespeare Buddies 2018

Post Date:06/13/2018 11:54 AM
  • School NameP-CEP

Shakespeare buddies group picture on steps outside Salem high school

First Graders and High School Students Have Fun with Shakespeare

by Rachel Willard, Honors Humanities student

This semester, the juniors and seniors of Honors Humanities partnered with first graders at Bird Elementary for an exciting project. Through this partnership, they learned about Shakespeare and his role in the Renaissance. This project allowed seniors and juniors to learn how to inspire people through the arts. The high school students and first graders exchanged letters and the high school students taught the children in workshops about the Renaissance.

maypole dancersOn April 27th, the first grade buddies of Mrs. Jayne Burnstein’s class boarded a bus and headed to Salem High School to meet their high school buddies for the first time. We enjoyed lunch while talking about Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream. Meanwhile, another group of juniors and seniors set up an exciting day full of learning and games to teach the first graders aspects of Renaissance life. The lessons ranged from the art of maypole dancing to the rules of jousting.

On May 23rd, it was Mrs. Shelley Bates’s high school students’ turn to visit their buddies at their school. We all met at Bird Elementary to help set up the stage for the first graders’ final performance of their play. The first grade buddies did an amazing job in their performance of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  

  mid summer play scene  mid summer play scene  ""  mid summer play scene  mid summer play scene  mid summer play scene  mid summer play scene

After the performance, the high school students were able to congratulate their buddies and exchange tokens of appreciation for getting to know each other. There was a large successful turnout, leaving people with a little more knowledge about Shakespeare and his effect on the arts.

elementary students at end of play  high school students at end of play