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P-CEP Class of 2018 Alumnus Rachel Browning Publishes Second Novel 'Turn'

Post Date:07/19/2018 10:03 AM
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P-CCS Class of 2018 alumnus Rachel L. Browning has been writing since she was a 6th grader at West Middle School, and the Plymouth HS grad has been an aspiring author ever since. Guided by writing inspirations such as J. K. Rowling and Michael Crichton, as well as her P-CCS ELA teachers Tom Williams (West MS) and Nicole Willett (P-CEP), she began her professional writing career with the debut, Embers of Fire ... The Black Rose.

Browning is celebrating the release of her sophomore novel Turn, which takes you through high school from the eyes of Lily Anderson, a fourteen-year-old girl excited to start high school.  Knowing that she’ll be attending a private school of 200 students with all of her closest friends from 7th and 8th grade, Lily is sure that she will have the best high school experience imaginable. Her trusting, naive mind can barely grasp when everything does not fit into her pre-planned perspective for the people around her. Turn is a story written to give readers a perspective on the reality of expectations on trust, loyalty and friendship, and how it can be limited.

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Turn is available for purchase at (direct URL is

Browning’s two loves in life are writing and music; she is a college-bound musician in the United States and plays in the local band Lavender & Co.  She hopes her readers will be inspired to respect each other by the themes in Turn while simply enjoying the story as well.

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