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Annual Update from P-CCS Regarding Wayne RESA Enhancement Millage

Post Date:03/07/2019 5:33 PM
  • School NameCommunications Office

As voters went to the polls in November, 2016, citizens were choosing much more than just a new President of the United States. For Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, there was also another important vote that took place that day that would go on to have a direct impact on the educational experience for students in our community: The Wayne RESA Regional Education Enhancement Millage.

As a county-wide millage, the Enhancement Millage proposed to levy 2 mills of tax for six years. The proceeds of the millage would go directly to the 33 school districts in Wayne County based on each district’s student enrollment. Because P-CCS was the third largest district in the county at the time, the proposal was estimated to generate approximately $6.7 million each year for a period of six years (an additional $385 per student in the P-CCS district). Due to changes made last year to the Educational Achievement Authority of Michigan (EAA) and Wayne County tax collection rate, the district is budgeted to receive approximately $5.9 million per year between now and the expiration of the millage.

The 2016 Enhancement Millage holds great importance for our district. Back in 1994, when Proposal A was passed, the ability to levy local millages was abolished. This meant P-CCS could no longer propose local levies to the community to raise money to operate the school district. Proposal A left only one opportunity for P-CCS to raise additional funds: The proposal must be passed as a county. This Enhancement Millage represented the one and only way remaining, after 1994, to increase operating funds to local school districts.

Thanks to a grassroots effort from the P-CCS community, leading up to the 2016 election, Wayne County voters were informed of the potential impact the millage could have on its schools. On Election Day 2016, the Wayne RESA Enhancement Millage was approved.

P-CCS officials continue to use this vital funding in ways to enhance the classroom experience for all students. Some of the recent uses district-wide include:

  • CLASS SIZE: Decreasing class sizes by one student in grades K-12 (an approximate $1.5 million spend), which was initialized for the 2017-18 school year and continued for the 2018-19 school year.

  • CLASSROOM LIBRARIES AND READERS WORKSHOP LEVELED READERS: The elementary level Readers Workshop implementation was supported by the district and included the expansion of our classroom libraries for all students.  These additional materials provided students with an expansive text selection and offered opportunities for students to learn about diverse topics and characters. The Readers Workshop Framework lends itself to teaching the five pillars of literacy identified in the Read B Grade Three law.

  • SAFETY & SECURITY: Safety and security measures, equipment, and professional development opportunities at all of the district’s elementary and middle schools.

  • RECRUIT & RETAIN HIGH QUALITY STAFF: Supporting high-quality teaching and support staff to best lead our students. Professional development opportunities to ensure high quality, modern instruction.

  • School improvement plan needs, as well as capital improvements, to enhance academic and programming needs at individual P-CCS school buildings. This year, each P-CCS school was given $10,000 of enhancement millage funds to use based on their individual student, school, and programming needs.

For a detailed list of how each building has spent its allotment during year two, CLICK HERE.

“We continue to live up to the promises made to the P-CCS Community when the Enhancement Millage was passed, and we are committed to continuing to be good stewards of this valuable funding,” said Monica L. Merritt, P-CCS Superintendent of Schools. “These additional resources are truly enhancing the experience for all students in our district, allowing us to elevate every student, every day.”

At the turn of every year, P-CCS promises to update the community on how the Enhancement Millage funds were spent to make sure that stakeholders can be involved on ways that the district is being good stewards with this additional revenue.

Thanks for your continued support of P-CCS, where all students Learn, Prepare, and Thrive.


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