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Important Info for P-CEP Students and Families Regarding Canton HS Serving Area

Post Date:08/30/2019 1:02 PM
  • School NameCommunications Office

P-CEP Students and Families:

We are excited to welcome all of our students back for the 2019-20 school year. We have been hard at work readying the buildings at The Park for the first day of school this Tuesday.  As you may be aware, there have been several renovation projects taking place across the campus. 

One of the most extensive projects has been with the serving area in the Canton High School Cafeteria. Our construction group has been diligently deconstructing and reconstructing this new area all summer. They have made significant progress; unfortunately, the newly-updated serving area will not be completed in time for the first full day of school.

This means we will need the first week of school to get everything completed and get the area ready for our students, and so we are planning on the official reopening of the serving area for Monday, September 9.  This will impact will our breakfast and lunch programs during the first week of school. We are making the following adjustments to accommodate our students during breakfast and lunch: 

  • While the Canton Cafeteria will still be available for seating, additional seating will be made available in the Plymouth and Salem Cafeterias. Students that would like to purchase hot lunch will have an opportunity to do so in either Plymouth or Salem cafeterias. 

  • Canton will provide a limited cold menu (sandwiches, wraps, salads, etc.) on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. All items will be prepared and packaged at the other two schools and brought over for a remote service line. Vegetarian and special options will be available as part of this cold menu.

  • Students that bring their lunch to school can still use the Canton Cafeteria as their seating area.

  • Canton will provide a limited breakfast menu with all packaged items at our kiosk. Breakfast will run on all full days during the first week.

Construction can be a very fluid situation and we will continue to update you regarding the progress. The entire administrative team and staff are excited to start the school year, and we are extremely grateful for your patience as we continue to work to enhance the experience for all students at The Park.