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Letter from Superintendent Merritt About High School Placements for 6th Graders

Post Date:05/19/2017 1:22 AM
  • School NameStudent Services

Dear Sixth Grade Parent/Guardian:

Congratulations! I understand that in a relatively short time, you will be entering an important new phase in your child’s education…and that is high school!

Since 1977, students entering high school in the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools have been assigned on a random basis. This is done in order to balance enrollment between Canton, Salem and Plymouth High Schools. As a part of our planning, the District has begun to assign high school students for the 2019-20 school year.

Please visit Parent Connect to view your youngster’s high school assignment. This is a permanent assignment unless an error was made in the “Sibling Rule”. Please review the Sibling Rule on page 2 of this letter. If an error was made, please put your request in writing to Student Services, 454 S. Harvey Street, Plymouth, Michigan 48170.

Americans today recognize a good high school education is critical in a global world. Therefore, we expect nothing less than the best education for each student. Our staff is committed to that end and we will need your support in that effort. The best jobs in this country are reserved for those who have learned well. We expect that students will view high school as an opportunity to learn how to be successful in a complex world. Let us work together with you so that your child gains the skills needed to compete in a complex, global society.

Please continue to stay in touch with your youngster’s education. You are a very important part of it. I look forward to sharing this important time with you and your child.

Monica L. Merritt
P-CCS Superintendent of Schools



Plymouth-Canton Community Schools boasts the only educational park in Michigan. The 305-acre site is the home of three comprehensive high schools: Canton, Plymouth and Salem. Students are assigned to a building as their “home” school for counseling, records, sports and graduation. All course offerings are available to students who can participate interchangeably at the three schools. Curriculum offerings are broad; including, for example, auto mechanics, foreign languages and calculus.

A random selection process does the assignment of students to one of the three high schools. This random process assigns schools WITHOUT considering racial make-up, talent, or socio-economic background of the students. Random assignment provides a systematic method for placing students (a method unaffected by district population shifts).


High school assignments are made without reference to the student’s home address or to the middle school the student attends. Each student who receives an assignment has a chance of attending any of our three high schools.  Assignments are mailed to the student’s home.  Because the process is random, twins, triplets, etc. may receive different high school assignments.  The family will be given the option to keep the random assignments given for each child, or request the students be placed using one of the child’s random placement.  This request must be submitted in writing.  This decision is irrevocable. 

The Plymouth-Canton Community Schools’ Board of Education has approved only one way to request a high school assignment. This is by using the “Sibling Rule”.

Students who are new to the District in grades 9-12 must contact the district high school registration office for Student Services in Plymouth High School at (734) 582-5584.  New students to Plymouth-Canton Community Schools in grades 7 and 8 will be randomly computer assigned to a high school by the Department for Student Services. Older siblings will receive their high school assignment first, which allows younger siblings to enact the Sibling Rule. Assignments will be mailed to the student’s home, middle school and assigned high school.  (If a student was randomly assigned to a high school and subsequently, a sibling is randomly assigned to a different high school, the first random assignment will not be altered.)


Non-public school students can obtain their high school assignment and prove residency by scheduling an appointment with the Department for Student Services (734) 416-2760 after the student completes the 7th grade.




Siblings are eligible to attend the same high school. Before high school assignments are made in the spring of their 6th grade year, students are asked if they want to use the “Sibling Rule” or be randomly assigned with other students in their grade.  This decision is irrevocable.  Assignments are mailed to the student’s home.  If the student was given a random assignment in error (see below), a letter must be submitted to the District requesting a change based on Sibling Rule.  The District will then respond to the family in writing.

To enact the Sibling Rule for a student whose older sibling no longer attends Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, the family will need to provide evidence that:

  • The older sibling attended or was assigned to a high school (i.e. diploma, report card, etc.)
  • The two students are siblings (i.e. birth certificates, etc.)