Board Members

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The Board meets twice monthly in regular session and meets at other times for workshops and study sessions. Each Board member is elected by voters in the Plymouth-Canton community for a four-year or six-year term of office.

The Board is charged with setting goals and establishing policies for the operation of the District. These goals and the policies to implement them include equality of educational opportunity and quality instruction.


Kim Crouch

Kimberley Crouch - President
Term 2012-2018






Kate Borninski

Kate Borninski - Vice President
Term 2015-2020






Patrick Kehoe
Patrick Kehoe - Treasurer

Term 2016-2020






Anupam Chugh Sidhu - Secretary
Term 2016-2022 


Patti McCoin - Trustee
Term 2016-2022


Patricia Mullen - Trustee
Term 2016-2022


Doug Brooks - Trustee
Term 2016-2022