Talented and Gifted Program (TAG)

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TAG logoThe P-CCS TAG Program provides highly motivated, academically gifted students with an opportunity to realize and develop their exceptional intellectual and creative abilities. The TAG Program provides acceleration in some areas while teaching grade level curricula in others.  The program emphasizes higher-order thinking, deep knowledge, substantive conversations and making connections to the world beyond the classroom. TAG students are provided with a qualitatively different school experience, which results from the students’ interactions with each other in an engaging classroom. 

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P-CCS TAG Office

Gallimore Elementary School
8375 Sheldon Road, Canton, MI 48187
Phone: (734) 455-7540    FAX: (734) 416-7670

Mrs. Aimee Bell, Gallimore School Principal 
Mrs. Amy Spaulding, TAG Office Aide

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Talented And Gifted Program News