TAG Selection Process

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TAG Screening Process | Plymouth-Canton Community Schools

All screening for possible placement in the district's Talented and Gifted Program for the 2017/2018 school year has been completed. If a wait listed student is not offered placement by the end of September 2017, parents can nominate their student for testing again for the 2018-2019 school year.

Parents interested in having children screened for possible entry into the program during the 2018/2019 school year should visit the TAG website after November 1st of the school year when the online nomination form is posted.

The online nomination form will be available November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. Once parents have submitted the form, they will receive an automated email confirming the nomination and given additional information about the testing process.

Each November the TAG office opens student nominations from parents or teachers of public and private school students currently in grades 2-7 for placement in the district's Talented and Gifted Program (TAG) for the following school year. All students who reside within the P-CCS district boundaries and who will be in the third through the eighth grade in the fall of 2018 are eligible to be tested for admission to this program. 

Guidelines for Selection Process

In identifying and selecting students for programs for the academically gifted, both the national standards for gifted education and current professional researchers agree on the following guidelines:

  1. Student assessment data should come from multiple sources.
  2. Both ability and achievement measures should be considered.
  3. Although students may have the cognitive resources for outstanding achievement in school, not all of them use their resources effectively in the classroom. Students who show promise for outstanding academic achievement also differ from their typical age peers in a number of non-cognitive attributes, such as motivation, curiosity, persistence, independence, and the nature and depth of their interests.
  4. Admission criteria should provide for the best possible match between the students’ abilities and the demands of the program.

The P-CCS TAG selection process adheres to these guidelines. Students are selected based on five different standardized test scores. These quantitative measures assess both student ability (aptitude) and achievement.

The results of all screening tests and any collected qualitative measures are reviewed by district administrators who make a decision based on the defined selection criteria.  The current selection criteria is based on recommendations made by a TAG Study Group in the winter of 2014/15; however a TAG Advisory Group is currently meeting to review the criteria and may make some recommendations that could impact students tested during this testing cycle.  

The Plymouth-Canton Community School District works very hard to make selection of students as equitable and fair as possible. Students are compared on the basis of current scores on the same tests, and qualitative measures of current academic performance. (Scores on other tests are not accepted.) The selection process does NOT consider school of origin, ethnicity or gender when identifying students for the program.

TAG Testing Procedures

NWEA MAP Math and Reading Assessments and NNAT Gifted Aptitude Test
Screening for the TAG Program is now a single phase process. Students are screened on the basis of their scores on the NWEA MAP Math and Reading Assessments and a standardized non-verbal gifted aptitude test (NNAT).  For more information about the NWEA Assessment please review the document titled “NWEA Letter”. The TAG Program requires current scores (no older than one year) on these two tests from all applicants. (No other test scores will be accepted.)

NWEA Letter Home

Nominated P-CCS second through fifth graders usually take all three tests in their home school,however there may be an alternate location required if the students is absent on the day(s) testing is administered in their elementary building. All other nominated students will take these tests at a time and location determined by the TAG department. This includes nominated P-CCS students in grades 6-7 and all students who live in the district but do not attend a Plymouth-Canton Community school. The tests take approximately four hours and will be administered over the course of two or three school days. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from the test location(s) for their child. The exact dates, times, and locations for all students will be advised via e-mail in January and will be posted on the TAG website. There is a $35.00 non-refundable test fee for applicants who do not attend a P-CCS school but instead attend a private or charter school or are home schooled.

The results of the NWEA MAP Math and Reading and gifted aptitude tests are reviewed in the district in mid to late March. The TAG office uses these test scores to identify students eligible for placement in the TAG program.