Media Center

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Field Media Center contains a variety of materials and uses activities designed to encourage students to enjoy reading in order to make it a lifelong pleasure.

Students explore fiction and non-fiction materials, including some of the excellent educational websites that are recommended for children.

The online search stations allow students to quickly explore and locate books of interest. Students learn to search by title, author, subject, keyword, and series.  In upper grades, internet searching strategies are presented which use Boolean logic, and methods are presented to help students critically evaluate the reliability of website information.

You may notice that many of our newer books have student names and pictures inside the front covers in recognitions of students who have generously participated in our "Boxtops for Books" or "Birthday Books" programs.

Students, parents, and staff are strongly encouraged to visit, explore, and enjoy reading in the Field Media Center. If you have any questions about the media center, including how to volunteer or about the Book Fair, you may contact the Field Media Specialist.

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