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Absences & Late Arrivals


  1. Call 416-6150 before 9:00 A.M.
  2. Select Option 2
  4. We must receive a CALL EACH DAY a child is absent unless you notified us in advance.

Failure to contact us will result in an unexcused/truant absence.

If your child is late for school you must bring him/her to the office to sign in. 

Bike Riding to School

It is a privilege for students to ride their bikes to school. We allow children in grades 3, 4 & 5 to ride their bikes to school. We do not allow any student to walk or ride their bike across Morton Taylor Road. There is no crossing guard and this road is extremely dangerous.

Bus Information

Because routing can sometimes be complex and student information systems need to be updated, student assignments to buses due to new enrollment or address changes may take 24-48 hours for regular education students and five to ten days for special education students before a student is placed on a bus. We will try our best to place your student on a bus as soon as possible. Same day busing for new students or address changes are not possible.

Cell Phones at School

Cell Phones at School—students may possess a cell phone at school but they must be turned off and kept out of sight while at school or on a school vehicle. Cell phones that are used at school or on the bus may be confiscated.

Contacting your Child at School

If you know in advance that you will be picking your child up early  from school please send a note to the teacher. This eliminates many last minute, frantic phones calls that disrupt the classroom.

Parents sometimes need to get a message to their child/children at school about a last minute change in plans. In this case, we ask that parents call the office prior to 12 noon to ensure that messages can be delivered before students are dismissed at the end of the day.

We will not interrupt class time to allow students to receive a call from parents. We will take a message and give it to the teacher at an appropriate time.

Dismissal is a very busy time, which makes it impossible to deliver multiple last-minute messages to students. Please call before 12 noon so that we can properly inform your child/children of a change in plans.

Dogs and other Pets at School

Mr. Johnson stated in a phone message to all parents to take into consideration the safety of children and adults that animals are not permitted anywhere on school grounds.  

Board Policy 8390- Animals permitted in schools and elsewhere on District property shall be  limited to those necessary to support specific curriculum-related project and activities, those that provide assistance to a student or staff member who has a seizure disorder, those that provide a reasonable accommodation to a student in accordance with a Section 504 Plan, or those that serve as service animals as required by Federal and State law.

Everyone Please Sign In

The PCCS district policy requires that all visitors to a PCCS school building must sign in at the school office.  Please help us maintain security in our building by remembering to sign in each time you visit Hulsing.  If you plan to walk into the student populated areas we request that you wear a name tag so that staff members know that the office staff is aware of your presence in the building.  This keeps our building safer for everyone.

Health Guidelines

From the Nurse...

Additional information and forms may be found on the Health & Safety Page.

  1. Any child who has had a fever of 100 degrees or more may not return to school until they are fever-free without medicine for 24 hours. Any child who runs a fever of 100 degrees or more or presents signs of any contagious disease will be sent home from school. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation and care for the child.
  2. Active, heavy coughing with a runny nose and sneezing are symptoms which may need a doctor’s evaluation. Allergy symptoms can be controlled with medications. A child with a cold that is worsening needs additional rest and fluids in order to avoid complications and should remain home until symptoms begin to improve.
  3. Any child who vomits or has diarrhea may not return to school until free from vomiting/diarrhea for 24 hours.
  4. Diarrhea may be difficult for a child to manage in school and may be a symptom of a contagious illness. Diarrhea can also be very upsetting to a child. Treatment requires diet modification, rest and fluids, which can be better managed at home.

Menu and Snack Options

Snacks - Fruits and vegetables are healthy snacks for children to enjoy during the school day.  At Hulsing we have a school wide guideline that states if a student would like to have a snack during their classroom snack time it must be a fruit or  vegetable. 

These snacks are wholesome and nutritious.  We do our best to maintain a safe environment for all of our students and your cooperation will help.

Music Resources for Parents

Recycling Information

Hulsing Elementary is proud to be teamed with AbitibiBowater to provide the community with a place to recycle paper goods. Following are some common questions asked about this Recycling program:

1) What Is The Paper Retriever Program?
The program is a simple and free service for communities to use for paper recycling. Distinctive green and yellow Paper Retriever bins are provided to interested parties who encourage the community to bring their paper and put it into a convenient drop off location. Customers are not charged for the bins or the pick-up of paper. In fact, Paper Retriever pays its partners for the paper collected in each bin (Hulsing makes money!).

2) What can be put in the bin?
The company accepts catalogs, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, office paper, fax paper, school paper, notebooks, and folders.

3) Where does the recyclable paper go after it is picked up from the Paper Retriever bin?
Paper placed in Paper Retriever bins is sent directly to paper mills and is re manufactured into newsprint within a few weeks of collection. The company is the global leader in the manufacturing and recycling of newsprint.

Safe School Policy

In the interest of improving security and promoting a safe environment at Hulsing Elementary School, the following measures have been implemented.

  1. Signs are posted at entry doors to remind all parents and visitors to sign in at the office when entering the building during the school day.
  2. Upon signing in, you will need to fill out the Visitor Name Tag. Please wear it while you are in the building.
  3. Unless your child’s teacher has been notified in advance, we ask that you do not “drop in” during the day. This can be a classroom distraction and interrupts instruction. If you need to speak to a teacher please call the office and leave a message, the teacher will be notified and will return your call at a convenient time for him/her. In addition, parents are not permitted on the playground without a Visitor Name Tag.
  4. If you need to bring a forgotten lunch, backpack, etc., please bring it to the office with your child’s name and teacher’s name identifying the item. We will make sure items are delivered to classrooms.
  5. When your child needs to leave early for an appointment during the school day, we will call the classroom when you arrive and your child will meet you in the office. If your child is leaving before the end of the day, please notify the teacher, by means of a written note, to excuse your child from recess and meet you at the office. You will need to sign your child out before leaving.
  7. During school hours, all exterior doors will be locked except for the main entrance.

We welcome you to be a responsible part of our learning community. These measures will ensure the safety and security of your child’s learning environment.

Schedule Changes/Play dates

If your child will be going home with another student or on a different bus than usual, the office MUST have a note from both parties involved. If we do not receive a note the child MUST go home by the usual route.

Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety is a number one priority at Hulsing. Please follow the guidelines listed below for everyone’s safety and convenience. This will help speed up the arrival and departure process safely for everyone.

  • The speed limit is 10 M.P.H. at all times.
  • When dropping your children off please pull forward in the north car loop as far as possible, we have staff outside to make sure your children get safely to their classrooms. Please encourage them to exit vehicles quickly in order to keep traffic flowing.
  • When picking your child up at dismissal please pull forward as far as possible and do not leave your vehicle. One line of traffic only please, children must not walk between cars.
  • Do not park or drive your vehicle into the staff parking lot. We have staff available to direct students to the appropriate vehicles. If you need to get out of your vehicle you must park in the visitor lot.
  • Please don't EVER drive your vehicle onto the blacktop where children are walking.
  • Children need to enter and exit vehicles from the curbside only !

Vacation Guidelines

We believe that children learn best when they attend school everyday. However, if you must take a vacation with your child during the school year please call or stop by the office to let us know. While informing the teacher about a vacation is helpful, the office must also be notified by you to assure the proper attendance records for your child.

Visiting Hulsing

Guidelines for Visiting Your Child’s School

The P-CCS Board of Education guidelines require that every visitor to a school must register at the school office. Upon signing in, you will need to fill out a Visitor’s Name Tag and wear it while you are in the school building. To minimize classroom disruptions during the instructional time and to provide for student safety we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. If your child is late to school, please sign them in at the office. We ask that parents say good-bye at the office and send the child to class. If you would like your child to be accompanied to class, please notify the office and we will be happy to escort your child to the appropriate location.
  2. Please do not “drop in” to meet with a teacher during the school day unless you have a prior arrangement with the teacher.
  3. If you need to bring a forgotten lunch, backpack or other item, please bring it to the office with your child’s name and teacher’s name to identify the item. We will make sure that items are delivered to classrooms at appropriate times.
  4. If your child needs to leave early for an appointment during the school day, please send a note to the teacher so that he/she may send your child to the office at the appropriate time. You will need to sign your child out in the office before leaving. Please note that all early dismissals are coded in the attendance reports.
  5. Please do not enter the PLAYGROUND areas to locate your child. When you report to the office we will give you a playground pass to find your child.
  6. If you pick up your child at the end of the school day please designate a meeting point OUTSIDE the building.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation with these guidelines and help in preserving a safe and productive learning environment.

Mission and Vision Statement

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We Work to Succeed


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