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Tonda Elementary School

Be Kind • Be Safe • Be Responsible

At Tonda Elementary School, we believe it is important to support all students in becoming responsible, contributing members of society. Together with families, we work to support all students in extending their learning, developing leadership skills, and creating positive interactions with others. We reinforce that all children have their own unique gifts and that accepting and celebrating this uniqueness fosters a sense of belonging and community for all.

We teach common behavior expectations for all students. These expectations are clearly identified, using common language, and are posted in every classroom throughout the school. We believe that students are successful when they have a clear understanding of what is expected and why. To that end, teachers help students develop peer relationships, support leadership opportunities, engage in problem solving, and support students in setting their own learning, personal, and behavioral goals. All expectations directly support making kind, safe, responsible, and respectful choices. Combined with these common behavior expectations, teachers and staff  help students develop positive character traits, creative thinking skills, and teamwork practices. We support students as they learn and practice principles outlined in Stephen Covey's book, Seven Habits of Happy Kids

As a community of learners, we work together to help students develop leadership skills. One way we support this effort is through Pack Teams.  Each Pack Team is made up of students from each grade level and one adult staff member.  The purpose of Pack Teams is to build community among grade levels and give students another adult advocate beyond the classroom teacher. This allows students to develop relationships with other students in the building, creates friendships, and provides leadership opportunities for students. Pack Teams meet once a month. These teams will stay together for the duration of a student’s career at Tonda. In the wild, Timber Wolves travel in a pack, because packs look out for each other. Here at Tonda, our Pack Teams do the same!