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Honors Night

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CongratulationsWhat is Honors Night?

The Honors Night Convocation Program is an opportunity at the end of the school year for YOU to stand and be recognized for your academic accomplishments! Family and friends are invited to share the evening with you! We have presenters from the community, teachers and “special awards”.

Myth: I need to have a very high GPA to be invited to Honors Night
Fact: We recognize “Senior” students for their grade point average (3.5 and above), scholarship awards or a combination of both!

Myth: This is a long & boring four hour event! 
Fact: A chance to dress up (following school dress code) and be recognized for your accomplishments! The evening is approximately two hours long.

Myth: My Counselor is notified when I earn a scholarship.
Fact: Students are asked to submit a copy of the award to their home school Counseling office Secretary. We need YOU to submit these accomplishments by the noted deadline. We are notified in some cases but not consistently nor before Honors Night!

Myth: A monetary award is read for each student.
Fact: We honor the student for ANY award earned even if the scholarship is from a college/university that they are not attending. We do not read the monetary award per student – only as a graduating class!

Myth: If I miss Honor’s night I cannot get the packet that was given that evening.
Truth: If you are unable to attend, please stop in to see your Counseling Secretary to pick it up the following day.

Myth: The only items announced are what I turned in to the Counseling office.
Truth: There are surprise awards and students are not notified until Honors Night.

Unsure of what to submit? See your Counselor or Counseling Secretary!!!
Please do not assume what is appropriate! This is an exciting time of year and we are here to assist you.