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The P-CEP Course Catalog (formerly the Program of Studies) describes the courses offered at Plymouth-Canton Educational Park, as well as explains the graduation requirements and how to select classes.  The course descriptions are organized by Department.  These are large documents and may take some time to load (about 80 pages).
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2019-20 Course Catalog 
Online as a Google document, 81 pages


2019-20 Course Catalog (PDF)
PDF to view or download, 81 pages 

(PDF updated 2/20/19, reload page to ensure the latest version)

Tip: To locate a specific topic, click Crtl-F on your keyboard to open a

             "Find in document" box (Google doc)  
             "Find in page" box (PDF doc)
       Enter a term like "graduation requirements" to locate all mentions of that item.  

 P-CEP Course Selection Calendar for 2019-2020 classes (Google doc)

Course Selection Instructions 2019-2020 (PDF)

Course  Selection Video (5 min. 2019) step by step process