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  • Parchment video tutorials, downloads and user guides.
  • Parchment Secure Transcript website - Current Park Students must use this online transcript request system.  The Parchment solution enables the secure, rapid exchange of your transcript to nearly 9,000 schools and universities, six state education agencies, and hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Transcript Request for Former Students: Former Park Students may request an official transcript be sent to a college, institution or employer.  They may also obtain an unofficial transcript for their use. (If sending e-mail, please include the word "Records" in the subject line so message isn't mistaken for spam)

Education Verification for Employers: We have three schools on our campus (Plymouth-Canton Educational Park or 'The Park').  It is imperative that the request be sent to the correct school. To improve our response time, we ask that you fax the request and release to the following numbers.

  • Plymouth High School (first graduating class 2006) 734-582-5555
  • Salem High School (also identified as Plymouth-Salem) 734-416-2811
  • Canton High School (also identified as Plymouth-Canton) 734-927-1020

We cannot complete the requests by phone.
Our response time will be 24-48 hours if this process is followed (with the exception of school closures).