Teaching & Learning

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Dr. Michael J. BenderP-CCS LPT Transparent
Chief Academic Officer
(734) 416-2988

The Plymouth-Canton Community Schools is committed to ensuring all students meet and exceed rigorous academic standards through a comprehensive, relevant curriculum; high quality instruction; and the use of appropriate formative and summative assessments to inform students, parents, and staff about student progress.

The district provides educational experiences to help all students go beyond the Michigan Academic Standards as well as the College Board standards. To support all students' efforts to meet and exceed these standards, the district delivers an educational program designed to prepare students for a post-secondary experience on their way to pursuing a fulfilling career of their choice.

Classroom instruction centers on providing students with what they must have to perform at their highest level of ability all of the time. Through high quality direct instruction, all students are challenged to maximize their performance, and those with specific learning needs are provided the support necessary to meet the same high expectations established within an inclusive environment.

The district is committed to supporting the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students through the use of a multi-tiered system of supports implemented in each classroom. We utilize culturally responsive pedagogy as we provide students with what is essential to be successful. In addition, technology is integrated in the classroom to help students deepen their learning and promote innovation and creativity.

P-CCS strives to help all students Learn, Prepare, and Thrive with the skills necessary to succeed today and well into the future.