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Plymouth Canton Curriculum Center

P-CCS Curriculum Center

1024 S.Mill Street
Plymouth, MI 48170
(734) 416-3005

Curriculum Coordinators
English Language Coaches
Instructional Coaches
Technology Integrationists


How do we decide what to teach our students?


To meet the needs of a changing society and the expectations of colleges and universities, the district regularly updates the curriculum. The Michigan 

Department of Education has developed a set of standards and benchmarks for English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Arts, Career and Employ-ability Skills, Physical Education, Health Education and World Languages. These documents list what students at each level should know or be able to do related to each standard.

In Plymouth-Canton, we make sure that we teach all of these standards so that our students are well prepared. Curriculum leaders, including teachers and administrators, monitor and improve curriculum documents and instructional practices to support student success. Information about any district curriculum can be obtained by contacting the building principal.

School Improvement and Accreditation

All schools have a school improvement plan. Teachers and building leaders develop these plans with input from parents and staff members. They also consider data on student achievement, and discussions about the learning needs of the students. Student centered goals are written and then decisions are made about how to most effectively improve student achievement in each goal area

The three high schools are all NCA accredited, which means that they have met NCA standards and have completed a five-year school improvement process similar to the process described above. All three high schools are now in their fourth year of NCA Performance Accreditation.

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