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UPDATE Congratulations P-CEP Students of the Month - November 2019!

Post Date:11/13/2019 9:30 AM
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 UPDATE - due to the snow day, the Student of the Month Breakfast has been rescheduled to Thursday, November 14

The P-CEP November 2019 Students of the Month have been announced!

Students are awarded a certificate and invited to a breakfast in their honor in the Plymouth High School Cafeteria on Tuesday, November 14, 2019 at 7:30 a.m.
Click on school name to see the poster (PDF) that shows student name and nominating teacher.l

 Canton High School
Student of the Month
 Plymouth High School
Students of the Month
 Salem High School
Students of the Month
Nathan Azarovitz
Danyah Badawi
Gurjap Bal
Jenna Beggs
Austin Best
Grace  Byers
Ashleigh Culhane
Connor Eilers
Luke  Fabricatore
Daniel  Fletcher
Isaiah Futch
Tabitha Good
Logan Guzik
Kaitlyn Hiipakka
Logan Hook
Eric Iacob
Zayn Imran
Amanda  Knutson
Alia Kurdi
Emma Morrison
Kelsey Nader
Jacqueline Patete
Aran  Patrick
Tyler Sanders
Gurmanpreet Sidhu
Devan  Simmons
Dea Taipi
Tyler Tonchen
Vivian Wilkinson
Jack Will
Emily  Woods
Darien  Wright
Chaza Abdallah
Mithra Aroul
Sean Byrnes
Tara Cerny
Cadence Choi
Julia Cleveland
Neemu Dolo
Lauren Garrison
Alex Gotsis
Ariel Hailey
Huy Huynh
Connor Jensen
Benjamin Kline
Mia Lippert
Wafa Mangla
Jacqueline McLeod
Grace Morelli
Johnna Paul
Domenic Polidori
TaNiya Price
Srivasudha Ramanujam
Donald Robinson, Jr. 
Nolan Robinson
Jacob Smith
Daniel Todorovski
Benjamin Vertin
Chandler Walthall
Lily Wasik
Lewis Williams
Evan Wilson

Claire Bolt
Logan Byrne
Zander Craft
Aaisha Hafeez
Ziming Huang
Alexis Knudsen
Christopher Kovacs
Jason Kula
Jaydon Kurowski
Emerson Lukomski
Sanjana Madapa
Taylor McAllister
Heather McCorkle
Tedi Nameti
Ayah Osseili
Nicholas Reynolds
Ambria Riley
Grant Schultz
Miriam Seeke
Jaywan Thomas 

Students of the Month are nominated by their teacher to be recognized for meeting these guidelines:

  • Have come to class prepared for the past month with books and materials.
  • Actively participates both verbally and non-verbally in class activities.
  • Listens and contributes to the class.
  • Is working to his or her ability, not necessarily maintaining an "A" or "B" average.
  • Deals positively with teachers and peers and treats everyone with dignity and respect.

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