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Immunization requirements

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Plymouth-Canton Community School District has a FIRST DAY EXCLUSION POLICY. Your child must have an updated immunization record on file in the school office OR a signed immunization waiver from parent on file in the school office BEFORE the start of school. Please note that immunization waivers are available ONLY through the Wayne County Health Department/Immunization Department.  734-727-7078

All immunizations must be up to date and on file in the school office prior to the first day of school in accordance with the Michigan state law.

Your child will not be able to start school if the one of those documents is not on file in the school office. Contact your child’s medical provider immediately to arrange for any needed immunizations. When the immunizations are given, bring in the updated immunization record to the school office.

Students entering Kindergarten

Information about immunizations, vision screening and physical examination needed before starting kindergarten.

General Immunization Requirements for students entering 7th grade,  new students to district or students returning to the District

An Immunization Waiver is available ONLY through the Wayne County Health Department (WCHD)


Immunization waivers are no longer available through the school offices. Effective January 1, 2015, parents/guardians MUST attend an informational session conducted by the WCHD before an immunization waiver will be given to parent (by the WCHD).   A medical waiver must be obtained from your child's medical provider. 

  • A physician signed waiver that indicates that the required immunizations could not be given because of medical contraindications.
  • A child who has been exempted from a vaccination is considered susceptible to the disease or diseases for which the vaccination offers protection. The child may be subject to exclusion from school, if the local and/or state public health authority advises exclusion as a disease control measure. (State of Michigan Department of Community Health)
  • Waivers are available ONLY through the WCHD.

Information regarding the changes pertaining to the immunization waiver guideline effective January 1, 2015.