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Medication Use

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Medication Forms

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools’ policy and the State of Michigan law prohibits school employees from dispensing medication of any kind to students without written permission from the student’s physician and parent. If it is essential that medication be administered at school, the following are necessary:

  1. Written permission from the student’s parent or guardian must be on file in the school office.
  2. Written statement FROM THE DOCTOR must be on file in the school office. This must include –student’s name, medication, dose, time to be given and physician’s signature.
  3. Medication must be in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER FROM THE PHARMACY clearly marked with the student’s name, medication, dosage and time to be given.
  4. Parents must bring all medications to the school office. Medication may not be hand carried to school by students unless self administration forms are on file.

Please Note: Medications (with the exception of controlled substances) may be carried by students under special circumstances (a medication permission form is still needed to hand-carry these medications). Please contact the school office (or school nurse) if you have further questions about the parameters surrounding medications.

The parent/doctor permission slip (Authorization Forms) is available through the school office (or at the links above) and are REQUIRED FOR ALL MEDICATIONS, including over the counter items such as aspirin, cold remedies, cough medicines, cough drops, eye drops, ointments, etc. It is the responsibility of the parent to secure the information from the physician along with the required signature.

Medications must be stored in the office unless self administration forms have been completed or a specific emergency plan is in place for your child requiring medications be kept elsewhere. No medication of any kind is to be sent to school to be taken independently by the child without the necessary paperwork on file.

These precautions are necessary as a safeguard for all children. Your cooperation and understanding are appreciated. (Source P-CCS Middle School Red Book)

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