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Specialized Student Services

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The schools and residents within the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools District have a long-standing belief that all children are entitled to the full benefits of a public education.

         - Julie Woodhams, Director of Specialized Student Services (734) 582-6807

Special Education Locations

Allen Early Learning Academy (IPSEP)

The 0-6 year old Infant and Preschool Program is located at Allen Early Learning Academy (11100 Haggerty Road Plymouth, MI 48170). For inquiries or to report an absence call (734) 582-6820.  (Fax: 734-416-6188)

Satellites at  Gallimore Elementary (8375 Sheldon Rd., Canton, MI  48187) and Eriksson Elementary (1275 N. Haggerty Rd., Canton, MI  48187). 

E.J. McClendon Educational Center

Specialized Student Services office is located at the E.J. McClendon Educational Center (454 South Harvey, Plymouth, MI 48170).

From the Director

Welcome to the P-CCS Special Education website. We hope that you find the information helpful and easy to access. Our goal is to increase information to our families and community that covers the basic information regarding the special education system ---- from referral to service provision ---- and all the critical information in-between.

We recognize that student success is only achieved when a strong positive relationship is built/maintained between the school district and families. We believe that this relationship certainly begins when families receive comprehensive information regarding this complex system. This allows families to be active participants in this process.

The special education department in P-CCS is the responsibility of the following administrative and coordinator team:

Julie Woodhams, Executive Director of Specialized Student Services (734) 582-6807

Rori Meyerink, Supervisor - IPSEP (734) 582-6974  Fax:  (734) 416-6188

Liz McCall,  Supervisor of Elementary -(734) 416-7973

Joslyn Clark, Supervisor - Middle School/GOALS/Madonna (734) 582-6806

Denis McBride, Supervisor of High School Special Education (734) 416-7764

Renee Schmoekel, Coordinator of District Center Based ASD program (734) 582-6816


Our main special education office is located at the district board office on Harvey Street. Please feel free to contact us at 734-582-6801 (Fax:  734-416-7819).  If you have a specific question that pertains to a specific level service, please feel free to contact the level supervisor identified above.

Our work continues to focus on ensuring that ALL students with IEPs receive a comprehensive support structure that allows them to access the general curriculum. We want to evaluate and focus on student strengths and ensure that students are achieving at their highest potential.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Infant Preschool Special Education Program (IPSEP)

The Plymouth-Canton School District operates a special program which serves the needs of infants and young children with disabilities from birth through six years of age. Program is located at Allen Early Learning Academy, 11100 N. Haggerty Rd., Plymouth, MI  48170.

The focus of service is on the child as a member of the family unit, and intervention is multidisciplinary in nature. A variety of professionals (including teachers, speech and language therapists, occupational and physical therapists, school nurse, psychologist, and social worker) provide evaluation and services in the school and/or home setting.


Special Education Overview

The schools and residents within the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools District have a long-standing belief that all children are entitled to the full benefits of a public education. This belief is supported by State and Federal laws, e.g., the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, known as IDEIA. These laws recognize that every individual is unique, and that, while everyone can learn, the ability to learn and the rate at which each individual learns varies from one person to another.

Michigan Law, under ACT 451 of the Public Acts of 1976, requires that special education supports be available to all eligible children, from birth to age 26, or graduation. Persons residing within the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, qualified to receive special education supports, will be provided with appropriate programs and/or services by a local educational agency (LEA), the intermediate school district, and/or through an approved contract agreement. The types of supports provided for each student vary depending on individual need.

A disability may be perceived as mild to severe. Every disability, however, has one thing in common. Whether physical, mental, emotional, sensory or a developmental delay, these disabilities can interfere with typical classroom learning. Special education is specially designed instruction to help students with special needs reach their maximum potential.

As you read through this handbook, you will find a description of the special education process. This process is based on specific state and federal laws that protect you and your child.

The special education process begins when you, your child's teacher, your child's doctor, or another person, contacts your local educational agency (LEA) or intermediate school district in writing and asks for help for your child. With your consent, the school district begins the process of evaluation and other required steps, as outlined on the following pages. Please remember that in this booklet “parent" also refers to guardians and surrogate parents. There are appendices at the end of this booklet for your reference and use.

Special Education: Programs and Services

Wayne County RESA and local districts have a variety of special education classroom programs and services for students with disabilities. A local school district must make such programs or services available if they are determined appropriate for the special education student by the IEPT. A local school district may do so in one of two ways:

1. It may provide programs/services directly.
2. It may contract with another school district or agency to provide them.


Staff Directory



Email Address

Stacey Banks

Assistive Technology Consultant/MI-Access District Coodinator

Joslyn Clark

Supervisor - Middle Schools/GOALS/Madonna

Peggy Krul  Office Associate /Student Accounting

Cathleen Lopez

Administrative Assistant/Sp Ed Finance

Denis McBride

Supervisor - High School Special Education

Liz McCall Supervisor - Elementary

Lisa Vance

Office Associate/Records

Renee Schmoekel

Coordinator - ASD Center Based Programs

Vickie Shuler Executive Secretary /Specialized Student Services

Amanda Tanner

Secretary - IPSEP

Heather Weaver

Assistive Technology Consultant

Rori Meyerink

Supervisor - IPSEP

Julie Woodhams

Executive Director - Specialized Student Services


Parent Resources

Contact information for Detroit-Wayne Mental Health Authority: 313-224-7000 This agency can help in directing parents with a child or young adult who will need lifelong supports.


P-CCS Assistive & Instructional Technology (A&IT)

P-CCS Assistive & Instructional Technology (A&IT) provides assistive technology and supports for P-CCS students, staff and families.  Their website includes information about how to set up and use Read & Write for Google as well as resources and instructions for all learners. "Access for All"

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