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TAG General Information | Plymouth-Canton Community Schools

Current research indicates that students with exceptional academic abilities gain substantial benefit from contact with their peers. For some academically gifted students, the TAG Program may be the first time they encounter like-minded classmates, who share their love of learning and motivation for high level academic work. In TAG classrooms students are also expected to work metacognitively--to think about their own thinking and to critically evaluate their work as they learn district curriculum. Through classroom interactions with their peers and teachers, TAG students learn to appreciate their own abilities and the talents of others, as well as to develop the skills needed “to achieve personal excellence and to become a productive contributing citizen.”

Elementary School TAG
The elementary TAG program was expanded in the fall of 2012 and is housed at Gallimore Elementary School.  There are approximately 350 students in grades 3 through 5.  Class sizes range from 27 to 30 students. Mrs. Aimee Bell is the principal at Gallimore Elementary School and works collaboratively with Mrs. Maureen Molloy, Director of Elementary Education, to make decisions for the elementary program. 

Middle School TAG

The middle school TAG program is housed at East Middle School.  TAG students work together in the four core honors classes of Social Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics and Science and are integrated with the general student population in elective classes such as music, art, foreign language and physical education. Each classroom has approximately 30 students, for a total of approximately 330 TAG students at the Middle School Level. Students who enter the Elementary TAG program will continue in the Middle School TAG program at East. 

Mr. Scott Burek is the East Middle School Principal  and is in charge of the middle school TAG Program.  The middle school TAG Program continues the upper elementary’s focus on supporting student growth in becoming invested, organized learners. At the middle school level, students are required to become increasingly responsible for their own learning. The ultimate goal is to promote the maximum level of individual success while encouraging personal responsibility for academic growth.


High School

At high school, the needs of advanced learners are met through elective course offerings. Plymouth-Canton's Educational Park (P-CEP) offers a large number of advanced placement and honors courses to meet the needs of students.  For detailed course descriptions, please visit the Program of Studies page.

In addition, three academies are open to all students.  The academies are the International Academy, STEM Academy, and the Arts Academy. Academies at the Park represent an innovative response to the national and global demand for highly skilled, highly creative and highly competitive graduates who are capable of succeeding in a rapidly changing, global marketplace.  For more information on the Academies, please visit Academies @ The Park  


Elementary School TAG


Gallimore Elementary
8375 N. Sheldon Road
Canton, MI 48187

Phone: (734) 455-7540
FAX (734) 416-7670

Middle School TAG

East Middle School
1042 S. Mill Street
Plymouth, MI 48170

Phone: (734) 416-4950
FAX: (734) 416-4949

High School

P-CEP Course Descriptions (Program of Studies)

 Academies @ The Park