Elementary Education

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Maureen Molloy
Director of Elementary Education

Curriculum Overviews

Each one of the Elementary Grade Level Overviews contain standards and benchmarks for each of the following: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Math Curriculum

A Vision of School Mathematics: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Imagine a classroom, a school, or a school district where all students have access to high-quality, engaging mathematics instruction.

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools support the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics vision. Our curriculum is aligned to the Michigan Curriculum Framework standards and benchmarks as well as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards. Students will have many opportunities to be engaged in mathematics that reflects real world application.

Everyday Mathematics is the official K-5 math program in our school district. This program engages students in activities that help them become mathematically literate. Everyday Mathematics meets the needs of all students through developmentally appropriate experiences.

Adopted by the
Board of Education
April 18, 2000

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