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General Info

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  • Full Day Schedule: 8:48 AM - 3:56 PM
  • Half Day Schedule: 8:48 AM - 11:53 AM
  • Young 5's Full Day Schedule: M, Tu, W, & F 8:28 AM - 3:35 PM      Th: 8:48 AM - 3:56 PM
  • Young 5's Half Day Schedule: M, Tu, W, & F 8:28 AM - 11:33 AM  Th: 8:48 AM - 11:53 AM 

About Bentley

Named after popular Michigan educator Carvel M. Bentley, the school opened its doors August 30, 1994 with 480 students in its new classrooms.

In 1997, Bentley received accreditation from the North Central Association.

Our Mission

We, at Bentley are dedicated to creating a positive environment where quality programs and instruction empower students to become lifelong learners.

The key to success at Bentley will be achieving the high standards set by the school staff, parents, and community working together to ensure success.

It is understood that to be successful in a global society, children must experience learning in a variety of ways, communicate effectively, and approach problem solving skillfully.

New to the Bentley Area?

To register a new student, please see the attachment for items required.  Bentley Elementary serves many different Canton subdivisions. If you are unsure if you are in the Bentley Elementary area, or have questions, please call the office at 397-6361.


Did You Know?
The school crossing guard has to be out of the white crosswalk with her sign down BEFORE any vehicles may move into the intersection. Failure to follow this law will result in a misdemeanor with a loss of three points on your driver's license, a fine up to $500, and a mandatory court date. The intent of the law is to protect the children and the crossing guard.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Parking Lot – A Safety Concern for our Children
When dropping or picking up your children at school, please remember that our children come first! If you follow a few simple rules, we can get our children to and from school safely.

When dropping off in the morning, all traffic should stay in one line. There shouldn’t be any passing on the left or right side of vehicles. Please have your children ready to exit quickly from the right side of your vehicle.

If you need to get out of the car with your child, you need to park in the parking lot and walk your child across. Do not park anywhere along the drop off lane or along the playground!

During pick-up, please make sure that you are on the look-out for children. They can dart out from between parked cars at anytime. The drop-off lane should be roped off after school. Please do not park in between the ropes and cones (even if we forget to put them out). Please do not park next to the walkways on the school grounds or the bus lanes in the back of the school.

It is also very important that you honor the crosswalk on Sheldon Road and allow the children to cross safely. Please remember to be courteous of others.