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Bentley Media Center

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Welcome to the Bentley Media Center News webpage!

Below are some major things to know about the Library! Check it out and contact Ms. Terrace if you have any questions (


  • Books are checked out for 1 week at a time
  • Most students will return their books on library day and will check out new books on their library day. 
  • Students can return their books anytime and can checkout new books during open library hours
    • Monday - Friday 
      • 8:45-8:55am 
      • 11:35-12:10pm
      • 3:55-4:10pm
  • Students can check out the following number of books at one time:
    • Kindergarten – 2
    • 1st – 2
    • 2nd – 2
    • 3rd – 3
    • 4th – 4
    • 5th - 5
  • Students will not be able to checkout books if their books are not returned.
  • If a book is lost or damaged you will receive a note for a fine. Fines are only assessed when it is determined a book cannot be found or is damaged.
  • The library is full of books that are meant for all of our students in K-5. We do not restrict what books students are able to check out, but to ensure safety of our students, if your child wants to check out a book that may be questionable for their age we will send a note home first to confirm it is ok for them to check it out. 
  • Bentley Elementary School Online Catalog


Doyle’s Question of the Month! 

Who is Doyle?

Doyle is a little furry friend that hangs out on the circulation desk in the Media Center. Every month Doyle has a new question and any student who answers the question has a chance to pick a prize out of the treasure box at the end of the month.

Why does Doyle ask questions?

In the Media Center, we try to promote research skills. Every month, Doyle will ask a question and it will be on the monthly newsletter that is sent home and will be tweeted on our twitter. The idea is that then students can research the question and enter their answer in the contest to win! Students can enter one time each month!

How does my child enter to win?

In order to enter to win students must write their First Name, Last name, Teacher, Grade, and then the answer to the question (Must be in a complete sentence –for Kindergarteners and First Graders parents may help write the answer) on a piece of paper and then put it in the bin next to Doyle in the Media Center. We have slips of paper ready in the Media Center or they can fill out a blank piece of paper with that information.

How are winners chosen?

Winners are chosen the first Monday after of the new Month. Winners must have the correct answer and must have followed all directions when filling out their paper. If there are more than 6 students with the right answer then students are put into a drawing. 



 The Media Center always needs volunteers to help shelve books and help with special projects. 

If interested email Ms. Terrace:


A Birthday Treat: Donate A book to the Library!

For their birthday students may donate a book to the library! 

If students choose to donate a book to the library it will be put on display in the display case outside of the library, and will be on the scrolling news in the office!

They’ll be famous at Bentley!


Library Media Center Curriculum

It is the goal of the Bentley Media Center curriculum for students to become active participants in the learning process and learn to efficiently access, explore, apply, and synthesize information in our digital world. 

Students will learn how to access information in print and in digital formats.  By the end of 5th grade students will be able to work seamlessly between digital and print resources.  

Students will also grow as digital citizens; learning how to give credit to digital sources, interact with each other online, and how to keep themselves safe while online. 

Students will progress in their abilities to utilize technology. Students will learn academic vocabulary associated with the internet and various devices, basic keyboarding skills, and how to use technology as a tool for learning and their life.

In our curriculum all grade levels also learn how to do research and use that research to create something new.

Through 5 different units students will learn technical and information literacy as well as critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills necessary for them to succeed in our ever-changing global economy.