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General Info

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Hours & General Info


  • Main Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • School hours (Gr. K-5) FULL DAY SCHEDULE: 8:48 a.m. - 3:55 p.m. (Warning bell sounds at 8:43 a.m.)
  • SCHOOL HOURS (Gr. K-5)  HALF DAY SCHEDULE: 8:48 a.m.- 11:53 a.m.

Grades: K-5

Students: approximately 435

Phone number:  734-397-6330

Fax number:  734-397-6334

Special Classes: Art, Music, Physical Education, and Media Center

Additional Support: Resource Room, Speech, English Language Learning, and Literacy Interventionists

History: Mildred Field Elementary first opened its doors in the fall of 1976.  The bicentennial year gave us our eagle mascot and our red, white, and blue school colors.

Location: 1000 S. Haggerty Road.  We are in the southeast quadrant of the Plymouth-Canton Community School District.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Every school in America does this differently and we each are trying to find an efficient way of doing this.  We think our process works well at morning drop-off and sufficiently at afternoon pick-up.

Drop-off- Pull in to the right traffic circle.  Pull up as far as traffic allows.  Drop your child off.  Exit at the traffic light only.

Pick-up- All students leave at once so expect a back-up.  We pack in two rows of cars into the traffic circle.  By the time the students are dismissed, the cars are stopped in the right lane on Haggerty.  As the students come out, we put them into their cars.  We also have a parking lot that many people use.  This is the only area where you can leave your car unattended and go to the classroom door to get your child.


Since school attendance is compulsory, we are mandated to keep track of student attendance.  Clearly, it is imperative to have your child at school.  It is also important to have them to school on time.  The teacher gets into their routine first thing in the morning.  When students arrive late, the teacher has to stop teaching to get that student started in their day.

When a student reaches 10 unexcused absences, we have to send a letter to the parents, as well as, the county prosecutor.  If the attendance of the student does not improve, the parent will have to appear in court.

Recess Policy

At Field Elementary School our students go outside for recess twice a day unless it is raining or if the wind chill is below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  Children are expected to go outside for recess unless there is a note from a doctor.  Children should be dressed appropriately for winter recess, including mittens or gloves, boots, scarves, snow clothes, etc.

Ways to Help

Recycling = Funds for Field

Below is a list of recyclable items that we accept:

  • cell phones
  • inkjet cartridges
  • laptop computers
  • digital SLR cameras & lenses
  • point & shoot digital cameras
  • digital camcorders & video cameras
  • handheld game systems
  • full-size game systems (including PS3, XBox 360 & Wii)
  • video games (PS3, XBox 360 & Wii)
  • iPads & MP3 players (Creative, Zune, Sandisk)
  • e-book readers (Kindle, Nook & more)
  • range finders & sky caddies
  • mobile hotspots, MiFi & 4G USB cards
  • portable GPS devices
  • radar detectors
  • TI graphing calculators
  • gold, silver & platinum jewelry

Please send any of the above unwanted or broken items to school with your child.  Every item will earn money for Field School


Q: My child will need to take medication at school. What is the procedure?
A: Click here to view medication disbursement information and obtain any necessary forms. Please read carefully as these guidelines are strictly followed. Let us know if you have any questions.

Q: My child is not feeling well. How do I know if I should send them to school or keep them home?
A: The Plymouth-Canton School District has specific guidelines to follow. Included in these are fever, rashes, and vomit. While absences are discouraged, we understand the need to be concerned for fellow classmates.

Q: Is before or after school care available for my child?
A: Before and after school care is provided through the district's Kid's Time program at Field. Click here to contact their main office in order to check for availability. This office also runs the Kindergarten Crew program and the summer camp program. Field staff members are not available to monitor children before or after school.

Q: What immunizations will my child need to have in order to start school?
A: Click here to view immunization guidelines and obtain any necessary forms.

Q: We are moving or have moved to the Field community. How do we register for school?
A: Click here to view district registration information. Then contact the school office at 734-397-6330 to schedule a registration appointment. Students usually are able to begin the next school day after registration is complete.

Q: What resources are available for students and families who speak languages other than English?
A: The district has an English Language Learners department which provides services to over 600 students who speak at least 55 different languages. You can contact the ELL office at 734-416-4908 or visit their website. Arrangements for translation services for parent/teacher conferences can be arranged if necessary. Documents can be translated by copying and pasting them into