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How to Solve Algorithms from Everyday Mathematics

Your children no longer just learn the "Mom and Pop way" to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Now they have many ways to complete either addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. In this post you will find an attachment that walks you through how to solve the different types of algorithms.


  • Partial-Sums Product
  • Column Addition
  • Opposite-Change Rule


  • Trade-First Subtraction
  • Counting Up
  • Left-to-Right Subtraction

Enjoying Math At Home

There are many ways that your child can continue to learn math at home, all while having fun! In this post you will find two attachments. The first attachment is a list of FREE math apps, each app comes with a description of that app. These apps are strickly free for iPads and or iPods (Apple products). You can find some of these apps at the Play Store (for andriod based products) but not all of them are free. I am working on a list of FREE apps for people who have access to the Play Store. Stay tuned! 

The second attachment is for card and dice games. Card and dice-based math games are a wonderful way for kids to learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication, as well as practice other mathematical skills. With some basic supplies and a little imagination, the possibilities for learning and fun are endless! Each game comes with directions. Some of the games even come with a link for you to print off a score sheet and to print a deck of cards if you do not have one.

These are all fun activities that your child will enjoy, they won't even know that they are practicing important math skills!!