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Access the K-12 Student Handbook HERE.


If you are using the Parent Loop, pull all the way forward and do not exit your vehicle.

For the safety of our students, the Bus Loop located directly in front of the building is for buses only.

All children should exit the vehicle curb side to ensure safety. 

If you need to exit your vehicle at any time, pull around the loop and into a parking spot

Follow all entrance and exit signs to keep everyone safe and prevent potential accidents.


  • We love our volunteers!  A background check is required for parents who will be volunteering in classrooms, chaperoning a field trip, or working directly with students.  


Online Reading Resources


  • In the event of inclement weather or other emergencies, the Superintendent of Schools may make the decision to close the P-CCS. Radio stations WJR, WXYZ, and WWJ will announce school closings. Please check one of these stations before calling the school.
  • You will not receive a call from school about a closing unless it affects Isbister only.
  • Students are expected to attend school unless an official announcement is made.  Children will not be sent home early during the school day unless each parent is notified.

Children will have outdoor recess each day in the winter if the temperature, with wind chill, is 15° F or above.  Children need to wear boots and snow pants each day to be allowed off the playground blacktop when snow is on the ground. 


Q: My child will need to take medication at school. What is the procedure?

A: Click here to view medication disbursement information and obtain any necessary forms. Please read carefully as these guidelines are strictly followed. School policy requires a signed note from the doctor with dates, times and amounts; signed permission from the parent; and medication must be in the original container. Children are not allowed to carry medication back and forth between home and school. Let us know if you have any questions.

Q: My child is not feeling well. How do I know if I should send them to school or keep them home?

A: The Plymouth-Canton School District has specific guidelines to follow. Included in these are fever, rashes, and vomit. While absences are discouraged, we understand the need to be concerned for fellow classmates.

  • Parent Guidelines for Ill Students
  • Attendance is one of the most important predictors for student success in school. Let’s all work together to help our students stay healthy by practicing good hygiene.  Please take a minute to review proper cough and sneeze coverage by using a tissue or the fold of your arm (sleeve). Coughing or sneezing into hands only spreads germs. Children should use hand sanitizer and wash hands regularly.
  • Children may come to school with a cold or allergies; medicating in the morning before school may help.
  • Children who have a fever of 100 or more, are vomiting, or have extreme coughing/congestion should stay home until free of symptoms for 24 hours.

Q: Is before or after school care available for my child?

A: Before and after school care is provided through the district's Kid's Time program at Isbister. Click here to contact their main office in order to check for availability.

Q: What immunizations will my child need to have in order to start school?

A: Click here to view immunization guidelines and obtain any necessary forms.

Q: My child is interested in purchasing lunch or breakfast at school. Where can I find information regarding pricing and menus?

A: Click here for menus, cost information, as well as an application for free/reduced meals. Also, if you are wondering about which products may contain certain allergens, carbohydrate counts, or have other questions, go to and click on the section entitled "Ask the Dietician." Our school breakfast and lunch provider, Sodexo, has a registered dietician who will e-mail a response to your question.

Q: I would like to be able to check on my child's attendance in between report cards. How can I sign up for the Parent Connection service which allows me to do this?

A: Click here for the Parent Connection information. You will need a login and pin to access the system. If you do not have one or experience difficulty, contact the helpdesk at 734-416-2720 or

Q:  What resources are available for students and families who speak languages other than English?

A:  The district has an English Language Learners department which provides services to over 600 students who speak at least 55 different languages.  You can contact the ELL office at 734-416-4908 or visit their website.  Arrangements for translation services for parent/teacher conferences can be arranged if necessary.  Documents can be translated by copying and pasting them into