Walking/Bus Riding

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Bus stops for Workman can be found through the MISTAR Parent Portal see the P-CCS Transportation page for additional information.  

Students who live in the portion of Central Park that is east of Denton Road are eligible for bus transportation if they live one mile or more from the school.  Transportation Department officials have measured into Central Park and determined the following eligibility for busing.

Most students who live in Central Park Estates #1 are NOT eligible to ride the bus.  These streets and address ranges, however, ARE eligible:

  • Sylvan:  494-572 and 493-573
  • Lenox:  392-478 and 393-491
  • Manhattan Circle:  48078-48366 and 48079-48369
  • Central Park Dr.:  48056-48606 and 48221-48605
Most students in Central Park Estates #2 ARE eligible to ride the bus.  These streets and address ranges, however, are NOT eligible:
  • Liberty Ct.: 1224-1276 and 1201-1275 
  • Liberty St.: North   1348-1490 and 1351-1491

Students who live north and west of the school are eligible for a bus ride. Even though some of these housing areas are less than 1.5 miles from the school, the absence of sidewalks means children can only get to school safely on a bus.

Children who live in Cherry Hill Village and the Woods of Central Park are eligible for a bus ride. It is more cost effective for the school district to transport all of these students than it is to hire a crossing guard for Denton Road for some of them.

Children living in Canford Park and Cherry Hill Gardens will continue to be walkers.

We have a crossing guard in front of the school each day to help any students who are crossing Cherry Hill and Denton.

As the start of the school year approaches, information about specific bus stops, bus numbers, and pick-up times will be available on our website.  It will also be mailed to your house by the school district.



  • All students are to be at their bus stops, ready to board the bus, no later than five minutes prior to scheduled stop times.
  • Designated pick up and drop off points and times, as defined by the district, must be adhered to in order to continue a safe and efficient transportation system.
  • Drivers are not allowed to stop to pick up students anywhere other than designated bus stops.


All kindergarten students are to be met at their bus stops by a responsible person. P-CCS bus drivers are instructed to never leave a kindergarten student alone without an adult acknowledging their presence. In the event that someone is not at the bus stop to receive a child, bus drivers have been instructed to call our Dispatch office with the child’s name and phone number. A reasonable effort will be made to contact a parent or a contact person listed on the student’s emergency card. If contact cannot be made, Dispatch will notify your child’s school of the problem and that the driver will be returning your child to school at the end of the bus route to await your arrival.

Prior to the start of school, parents and kindergarteners should practice walking to and from the closest neighborhood stop established for your area. This is very important. Walking with your child will familiarize him/her with the area surrounding the bus stop and the walk path to and from the bus stop. You will find your neighborhood stop information in the District newsletter, “Plymouth-Canton Community Schools Newsline.” This is sent out to all residents 1 to 2 weeks before the start of school.

Please instruct your child never to leave his/her bus until he/she sees you, or a person responsible for your child, at a bus stop. Once again, familiarizing your child with the area surrounding their bus stop will help insure that your child recognizes their bus stop and is delivered home safely.