P-CCS Students and Families: Below are important resources to stay posted with during this time. Please see the links below:

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P-CEP Student Shadow Programs

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P-CEP EntrancesOur Shadow Program is for families who reside in the boundaries of P-CCS but do not currently attend P-CCS. Due to the overwhelming success of this program, please sign up for only ONE Shadow opportunity per student.

The schedule for the day will be as follows:

  • 8:50-9:00 a.m.—Students arrive on campus (location will be communicated upon confirmation).
  • Student will be paired with a P-CEP student and attend three classes together.
  • Students will eat a complimentary lunch in the cafeteria with their partner.
  • Shadowing students will gather as a small group for a question and answer session with counselors and P-CEP staff.
  • 1:30 p.m.—Students should be picked up.

Note: Current P-CCS eighth grade students will have opportunities to learn about Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (P-CEP) through their school counselors. This program is only for students who do not currently attend P-CCS schools.

Please sign-up for remaining shadow opportunities using one of these forms: 
These forms will be available after August 19, 2019 for students in the Class of 2024

Canton High School  Shadow sign up (Google form)

  • November 14, 2019  - FULL
  • December 19, 2019  - FULL
  • February 27, 2020 -cancelled due to snow day
  • March 19, 2020 - FULL
  • April 2, 2020 

Plymouth High School   Shadow sign up  (Google form)

  • November 13, 2019 - FULL
  • December 18, 2019 - FULL
  • February 26, 2020 - FULL
  • March 18, 2020 - FULL

Salem High School  Shadow sign up (Google form)

  • November 12, 2019 - FULL
  • December 17, 2019 - FULL
  • February 25, 2020 - FULL
  • March 17, 2020

Questions? Contact a P-CEP Counseling Office Secretary (during the school year.)

Shadow-like Opportunities for P-CEP Academies will be announced at a later date. 
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