P-CCS Students and Families: There are two important resources to stay posted with during the school closure period. Please see the important links below.

  • P-CCS Information on COVID-19 Page, which contains all related posts, releases, and transcripts that have been sent to the community, as well as some other informational resources.

Adult High School Completeion

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Adult High School Completion 

  • To enroll in the high school classes at age 19 or older students must have a minimum of 16 high school credits.
  • Students must be able to demonstrate a 9th grade reading and writing level on the Adult Basic Education test.
  • Adult students participating in high school courses will be enrolled at the discretion of the Principal following the review of the students record and interview.
  • Qualified students can enroll in a combination of online and in class courses (these will be primarily with students ages 16-19).
  • Online only options are available on a more flexible schedule or in evening.  Students taking online courses must report in person to the school site to take course exams.