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Discovery Parent-Run Facebook Page

For those parents on Facebook, there is a page run by Discovery parents to help share information about events at Discovery. This is a terrific way for us to provide you with timely information and a great way for Discovery families to ask and answer questions. This is a closed group for Discovery parents only. We encourage you to join and stay informed!

www.facebook .com/groups/1624556037823159/

Discovery is on Twitter

You can follow us at @DMSEaglePride.

Student Attendance / Late Arrivals

The school district emphasizes the value of regular attendance in enabling students to benefit from the school's education programs. Michigan law places responsibility on each student to attend school on a daily basis, and on each parent or guardian to send their child to school on a daily basis. 

If your child will be absent, please call our attendance line at:  (734) 416-2880, press #2.

Be prepared to give the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Student ID NUMBER
  • Grade
  • Date of Absence
  • Reason for Absence
  • A daytime phone number to verify the call

Please call the attendance line to report all absences and late arrivals by 8 AM. Unless we receive notification of your child's absence, your child will be marked unexcused. 

Automated Parent Notification System (APNS)

Parents will be informed of student's unexcused absences at approximately 9:15 a.m. each day.  In cases of extended absences, school personnel may require documentation to substantiate the reason for the absence. To avoid unnecessary calls, it is important to notify Discovery Middle School about your child's absences prior to 8 a.m on the day of the absence.

Students Leaving During School Hours

When it becomes necessary for a child to go home due to illness or injury, a parent or guardian will be called for student pick up in the main office. If you are unable to pick your student up, they can be released to the people listed on the child’s emergency card if we are notified in advance by the Primary Parent or Guardian listed in MiStar that the student can be released to the emergency contact. Identification for the person picking up a child may be required. We will not release a student to an Emergency Contact without speaking to a Primary Parent or Guardian first.

It is helpful if parents can notify the office of any pre-arranged appointments that will require their child to leave school during the regular school day. When a student is leaving school early, the person picking up the student must first report to the office to sign the student out. Parents should allow enough time to sign the student out, and allow time for the student to arrive in the office from their class. The office will not call children down early to wait for parents to arrive. When returning to school in the middle of the school day, students should be signed back in at the office.

Student Class Assignment & Grade Resources

Class assignments, student grades and missing assignment information can be located using the MiStar Parent Portal or through the Teacher Classroom Google Pages. Accessing these resources will assist in keeping both you and your student current on the needs and expectations in each of their classes.

Teacher Classroom Google Pages and Daily Schedules at Discovery can also be accessed from the home page of the Discovery Middle School website. Many of our teachers utilize Google Documents where they place their daily/weekly classroom assignments. This is also a great resource for parents and students to access when a student is absent from school. Classroom assignments and many classroom handouts are available through these resources. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these. 

Lunch Information

Lunch Menu information and Free or Reduced Lunch Applications are available on the website under Lunch Menus-Food Services.  A new application must be submitted every school year for Free or Reduced Lunches.  For questions, please contact the Food Service Department at 734-416-7702.   Free and Reduced Lunch Applications can be completed on-line beginning July 1, 2019.  Approval will be faster if you fill the form out on-line.

Bus Passes

Bus Passes are required by any student who wishes to ride any bus other than their regularly scheduled bus. Bus Passes are available in the front office. A note from each parent/guardian must be presented to the main office in order for bus passes to be issued.

Frequently Requested Forms

School Pictures

This year you will Pre-Order/Pre-Pay for your picture packages online. A pictures order form is available in the front office,- -however, picture orders must still be placed online.

To order your picture packets online - please go to Select the Orange "Order Now" Button located in the top right hand corner for the homepage.

  • When prompted, please enter our School Code: AA4610
  • On the Entry Screen that prompts you for your Teacher's Name and/or Homeroom name, Please Enter "Front Office".
  • Ordering online will assist greatly on Picture Day.
  • Students will receive a student ID card when their picture is taken. Please encourage your student to keep this ID card in a safe place as they will need to utilize this ID card throughout the school year.

Yearbook Purchases

Yearbooks are to be purchased online ONLY - use a credit card, debit card or PayPal , go to yearbookforever .com and enter our school name.


  • $30.00 until November 2
  • $32.00 November 3 - January 25
  • $35.00 January 26 - May 30

If you want to personalize the book, name stamping starts at $8 extra and must be purchased before Jan. 27!

Cell Phone/Electronic Devices (Middle School)

Please refer to the cell phone policy in the Student Handbook. Highlights of this policy are:

Students may possess a cellular phone or other electronic communication device (ECD) in school and at school related functions provided that during school hours, during school functions, and on school vehicles the cell phone is: 

  • Powered off
  • Concealed
  • Not in use

Cell phones/non-district issued electronic devices including headphones or components must be kept in a backpack, locker, purse or pocket, and out of sight.

Cell phones may not be used in the school locker rooms or school restrooms.

Cell phones may not be used during any school sponsored event/activity or on the school bus. This includes the use of picture/video features available on phones.

Students may not take pictures/videos of other students and/or post them on social media or other internet sites without their express permission.

Students in violation of the cell phone policy will have their phones confiscated and turned over to an administrator.

Parents or other individuals listed on the emergency card will be able to retrieve the phones during the school day -otherwise phones will be returned to students at the end of the school day. (please see below for more details)

The District is not responsible for the loss, theft, damage or vandalism to student cell phones, ED’s or any other student property. Students are strongly encouraged not to leave their property unattended or unsecured.

Consequences: For observation or use of a cell phone or Electronic Device:

  • Each offense may result in discipline, including confiscation of the phone which will be turned in to the office/Administrator.
  • Phones will be returned to students at the completion of the school day.
  • An email will be sent to parents listed in MiStar alerting them to this infraction.
  • Students will be required to complete a reflection paper and return the paper the morning of the next school day. Parents will receive an email notifying them that their student’s phone was confiscated and that the reflection paper is due the next day.
  • If the reflection statement is not returned the morning of the next school day, a detention will be issued to the student.
  • Repeated offenses for the use of an electronic device may result in additional discipline up to and including an out-of-school suspension.

Detention Policy

  • Detentions can be served each morning before school from 7:20am – 7:50am in the Main Office (students will be required to serve 30 minutes).
  • Detentions can also be served on Wednesday's after school from 3:05pm – 3:35pm . Parents will be responsible for picking up students after Detention.
  • Students will serve the detention (Serve by date located on the detention slip) within 14 days.

Detention Consequences/Progressive Discipline

  • 3 detentions = 1 week of community service/Reflective Assignment
  • 4 detentions = 1 week of community service/Reflective Assignment
  • 5 detentions = 1 day of suspension/Reflective Assignment
  • 6 detentions = 1 week of community service/Reflective Assignment
  • 7 detentions = 2-day suspension/Reflective Assignment
  • 8 detentions = 1 week of community service/Reflective Assignment
  • 9 detentions = 3 day suspension/Reflective Assignment

4th Quarter Student Discipline Information

We begin the 4th quarter of the school year on Monday, April 8.  Discovery Middle School will be enforcing the following 1-2-3 Discipline Rule for the balance of the school year.

Please Note:Students earning any of the disciplinary consequences below within the 4th quarter of the school year will become ineligible for PBIS Rewards Day event and activities!

  • 1 Day Out of School Suspension
  • 2 Days of Administrative Exclusion
  • 3 Assigned Detentions and/or Any Unserved Detentions

Positive behavioral intervention and supports

“PBIS ” is short for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. This language comes directly from the 1997 reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

PBIS is a way for schools to encourage good behavior and operates under the assumption that like reading and math, behavior can be taught. The key to PBIS is prevention, not punishment. PBIS seeks to create positive environments by utilizing proactive strategies such as introducing, defining, modeling, teaching, and supporting positive behavioral expectations school-wide and then reinforcing and rewarding students for these positive social behaviors.

The main purpose behind our PBIS program is to increase actual student hours of classroom instruction by reducing the number of student classroom hours lost due to suspension/discipline. Our goal is to promote positive behaviors that can prevent or avoid issues by teaching students’ positive behaviors, rewarding students for exhibiting these positive behaviors, and correcting behaviors that lead to the discipline issues. It is about creating positive school environments so that all children feel safe and can learn.

Discovery Dollars

Discovery Dollars are an integral part of the reinforcement plan. All adults in the building will use these to acknowledge and encourage positive student behavior. It is important to acknowledge exhibited positive behaviors. Discovery Dollars can be turned in for rewards in addition to a large variety of things throughout the school year such as “purchasing” items from our school store, the ability to wear a school appropriate costume on Halloween, participating in school raffles, or take part in our in-school rewards activity day. As we continue to grow our positive behavior reward system, Discovery Dollars will remain an integral part of a student’s ability to participate in the reward opportunities.

Reward celebrations

Students are eligible to attend school-wide reward celebrations if they have not received a Suspension or Detention during the school quarter in which the school-wide event occurs. These celebrations will occur 3-4 times each school year.

Additional information

Returning to school following an illness

Please follow these guidelines when determining when your child should return to school after an illness:

  1. Fever: A child has a temperature of 100°F taken by mouth or 99°F taken under the arm. The child should not return until 24 hours of no fever, without the use of fever reducing medications.
  2. Diarrhea: Diarrhea may be difficult for a child to manage in school and may be a symptom of a contagious illness. Diarrhea can also be very upsetting to a child. Treatment requires diet modification, rest, and fluids which should be managed at home. A child should have no loose stools for 24 hours prior to returning to school. Exception: A provider has determined it is not infectious and documentation is provided to the school.
  3. Vomiting: A child that is vomiting should have no vomiting episodes for 24 hours prior to returning to school. Exception: A healthcare provider has determined it is not infectious and documentation is provided to the school.
  4. Rash: If your child has an undiagnosed rash, s/he should be seen by a medical provider. We will exclude until the rash subsides or until a healthcare provider has determined it is not infectious with documentation provided to the school.
  5. Active, heavy coughing with a runny nose and sneezing are symptoms that may need a doctor's evaluation. Allergy symptoms can be controlled with medication. A child with a cold needs additional rest and fluids in order to avoid complications and should remain home until symptoms have diminished.
  6. Other communicable diseases. Children diagnosed with certain communicable diseases may have to be excluded for a certain period of time. We will follow the Wayne County Health Department Communicable Disease Guidelines.

These are general recommendations. Please consult your local health department or medical provider for additional guidance. In addition, we are seeing confirmed cases of influenza in our student population. There is good information for parents on the district website (see link below).

Flu season typically runs between December and March. http ://www.pccsk12 .com/ departments/health-safety/parent-resources . If you have questions with these recommendations including physician notes, and other communicable diseases, please contact your school nurse.


Discovery does not allow you to carry backpacks from class to class. Your backpack must be kept in your locker until the end of the day. If you’ll be shopping for a new backpack soon, make sure you purchase a sturdy one that will protect your Chromebook. Please note that backpacks on wheels do not fit into our lockers. 

Medication Use at School

If your student will be taking any prescription or over-the-counter medication at school, a Medication Form must be filled out by you and your doctor and brought to school. Staff is unable to administer any form of medication to your student without the completion and return of this form. This form is available on our Health & Safety Page.

There are 2 different forms. The "Medication authorization for self-administration" is for inhalers and epi pens, mostly. This form allows your child to carry the medication on their person and administer it, as needed. The other form is for medications kept in the office and dosed by a trained staff member, either scheduled or as needed. This form is available on our Health & Safety Page.

You can drop the form off at your child's doctor's office. It might take 7-10 business days for the doctor to fill out the form and get it back to you, so please plan ahead!

Please note:

  • The doctor needs to fill out and sign this specific form even if they say their office form is okay.
  • This form is needed even for over-the-counter medications
  • This form has to be turned in before your child can take any medications at school.
  • A parent has to turn in the medication to the school office unless the form for self-administration is signed and on file.
  • Prescription medications must be in the original pharmacy container with the pharmacy label attached.

Read the official policy and download the forms here: Forms are also available in the main office and online on our Health & Safety Page.

Parents/caregivers are always welcome to come to Discovery and personally administer medication to their students at any time. We have cups and water available in our school clinic for your use.



Medication on School Trips

If your student does not have a Medication Form on file and medication (even over-the-counter medication) will be accompanying your student on a field trip, the Medication Form must be completed and submitted with medication  prior to the field trip. All unused medication will be available for pick up by an adult after the completion of the field trip.

This form is available on our Health & Safety Page.

Use of Office Telephones

Telephones in the offices are for school business. Due to the disruption caused, students will not be called from classes to take telephone calls. Only emergency messages will be given to students. Students will not be allowed to use these phones unless they are conducting school business or in the case of an emergency.

  • Forgotten books, lunch, lunch money, homework, Band Instruments, etc. do not constitute an emergency.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is like other forms of bullying except it takes place online in e-mails, IM's , text messages, social networking sites, and blogs . The bullying can take place in text or image formats.

Most cyber bullying takes place at home, so what can parents do to prevent it? Please click on the following link to find out.