P-CCS Students and Families: Below are important resources to stay posted with during this time. Please see the links below:

Volunteering at Discovery

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Get Involved and Make a Difference in Your School!

If you'd like to become involved in school, we'd appreciate your help.

We have many opportunities for parents to volunteer at Discovery, you can visit current listed needs at:

Be sure to save this link and revisit throughout the year as more Volunteering Needs will be added to the schedule.

To comply with State law, and to keep our students safe, all Volunteers/Chaperones are required to complete a background check.  Please fill out the Chaperone & Volunteer Background (ICHAT) Request that needs to be completed for this process. This information will be kept strictly confidential in our Human Resources Department.

Parents may elect not to be screened.  Please note that if you are not screened you will not be able to chaperone or drive any children other than your own on field trips. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Sue Moutsatsan, Department of Human Resources, at 734-416-4827 or

Thank you for your continued support of our children and school community!

For additional information, please visit the Parent Volunteering page on the PCCS website.