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Exploratories & Activities

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There are great opportunities for all Pioneer students to be involved in the Pioneer community. Here's a brief look at some of the enriching experiences offered to our students through clubs, activities and exploratory classes.

Math Strategies: This is a support class which is designed to increase confidence in mathematics. Students are pre-taught math concepts before learning these skills in their regular math class. We also work on strengthening basic facts. This is a smaller class which allows for more individualized attention.

National Junior Honor Society: NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship. Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service. Students grow in leadership skills through individual community service hours and and group service events. Group communication happens through Google Classroom. Open to 7th and 8th grade students based on an application process during the fall. 

Sixth Grade Camp:  The “Camp Experience” is an extension of student classroom experiences and one that Pioneer administrators and staff find to be truly valuable. For four days and three nights, campers will engage in activities that heighten their environmental awareness and stimulate their personal growth, cultural enrichment, and ability to work within a team. Students will learn to apply, firsthand, the concepts of life sciences that are taught further in the school year. While at camp, students will have a true outdoors experience as they work, play, and eat together. Website:

Book Clubs:
Sponsor:  Gwenn Marchesano
Topics/Goals of the Club - Shared positive reading experiences, making new relationships with other students
Lunchtime Mondays starting in October
6th Grade Club; 7th & 8th Combined Club

Coding Clubs:
Sponsor:  Gwenn Marchesano
Topics/Goals of the Club - Grow coding skills through collaborative activities with coding software & robots. No coding experience necessary.
Lunchtime Thursdays starting in October
6th Grade Club; 7th & 8th Combined Club

G.S.A. - Gender Sexuality Alliance:
Sponsor: Dani Evans
Topics/Goals of the Club -  Support & Social Club for LGBTQ+ and Allies.
Meets Tuesdays at Lunch, Room B9 starting end of September

Open to 7th & 8th grade for LGBTQ+ and Allies (No haters allowed, this is a safe space!)

Girls Who Code:
Sponsor:  Gwenn Marchesano
Topics/Goals of the Club - Grow coding skills and work to solve real-world issues in a supportive environment for girls, No coding experience necessary. Girls Who Code is a non-profit organization promoting computer science careers for women.
Meets Wednesdays, 3:00-4: 30 pm starting in October
Open to 
6th, 7th, 8th grade girls

Humanities Club:
Sponsor: Jennifer Reid
Topics/Goals of the Club - Discuss current events and debatable issues. Students must submit an application to be approved which includes a parent signature in order to join.
Meets at lunch on Thursdays starting in October

Open to 7th & 8th graders who submit an application

Sponsor: Roberta Burdette
Topics/Goals of the Club - Enrich math knowledge & to create a math game.  Meeting are once a week at the beginning of the season, and become more frequent as competition time approaches. The Mathcounts website has further information.
Tuesdays during lunch starting October 1st
Open to 7th and 8th grade

Robotics Club:
Sponsor: Sheila Wintergerst,
Topics/Goals of the Club - This club is a parent-run non-profit group that teaches kids about STEM-related activities under the FIRST Technical Challenge Organization’s format by helping them design, build, program, drive, and market their robots in a friendly, but competitive environment.  This year’s theme is STAR WARS: SKYSTONE!  
Saturdays starting September 7th
Open to all Pioneer students, but space is limited to up to 30 students

Running Club:
Sponsor: Kristy Burgess
Topics/Goals of the Club - Run fast, run far, have fun!
Meets  Wednesdays after school starting in November
Open to all students

Select Choir:
Sponsor: Anne Lawrence
Topics/Goals of the Club - Performance Group, Rehearsal & Preparation
Meets Wednesdays at Lunch, Room B7 starting September 25th
Open to 7th & 8th grade, Students must try out (tryouts were held in the Spring)

Strategic Gaming Club:
Sponsor: Chantell Martin
Topics/Goals of the Club - 
 To have fun, play D&D and other games. No experience necessary.
Meets Wednesdays 3:00-4:00pm 

Open to all Pioneer students. 

Yearbook Club:
Sponsor: Katie Kramer
Topics/Goals of the Club -  Taking pictures for the yearbook
Meets during Homeroom starting in October
Open to 6th, 7th & 8th grade, Students must sign up if interested

You Be the Chemist:
Sponsor: Barb Johnson
Topics/Goals of the Club -  Chemistry - studying on own component and doing fun labs and activities during meetings. The main goal is for the top team of students to compete against other regional schools after learning more about chemistry concepts/processes. Listen for announcements at the beginning of October to pick up an informational packet. Most of the communication will occur through Google Classroom once the club roster is set.
Meets every other Thursday from 3 - 4 pm after school starting the 2nd week in October