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Testing Out of Future Courses

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P-CEP Test Out Dates for 2019-20 (PDF)

Tests are organized by subject area - for example, the test out for Algebra 1 will be offered during the "Math" subject.  

WINTER Registration begins November 11, 2019, deadline is Friday, December 20, 2019
SPRING Registration begins March 1 , deadline is Friday, April 3, 2020. 

Test-Out form (Google form) must be completed online to register for exams

Course Test Out Information

  • Passing the test places students in the next level of the subject area (if the subject is sequential like Math or World Language, etc).
  • The NCAA does not accept test out credit as credit for future college-bound student athletes.
  • Passing earns credit for the course.  Students do not earn a grade - test results do not impact GPA.
  • Passing is determined by a score of 80% or better.
  • There is no fee for taking a test out.
  • If a student does not pass the test out for a course that is required for graduation, they must take that course on schedule with their graduation year classmates. For example: U.S. History & Geography is a 10th grade class, students can take the test out prior to 10th grade and if they do not pass by the start of their 10th grade year, they must take the course as a 10th grade student. Students may attempt as many tests per session as they’d like (they can take English 9, Algebra 2 and Geophysical Science in the spring, for example)
  • P-CEP does not loan textbooks to students to study for Test Outs. Some of the PDF guides below contain ISBN numbers of the textbook used in the course. Those books may be available for purchase online. P-CEP no longer supplies codes to online textbooks due to budget constraints.   
  • P-CEP does not publish or provide practice tests for students to prepare.  Please see the PDF files listed below for the course expectations.
  • Future college-bound student athletes, the NCAA does not accept Test Out credit as high school credit.
  • The district provides two different dates for each test every year. There will be not be additional opportunities outside of these dates to test.
  • If you have additional questions - please send an email to to the department administrator. 

PDF Test Out Guides and Department Administrators

Note: Guides include links to online textbooks where available. If online textbooks are not available, ISBN numbers have been provided so students may purchase used textbooks through an online retailer. Be sure to search for the ISBN to get the correct edition.