P-CCS Students and Families: Below are important resources to stay posted with during this time. Please see the links below:


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Use our new P-CCS Nutrislice website or the app to easily view more information about what is on the school menu for breakfast and lunch each day at P-CCS Elementary and Middle Schools.

  • Nutrient content
  • Allergen alerts
  • Access to carb counts
  • See the most up-to-date menus
  • Print from home
  • Visit:
  • In your App store look for Nutrislice and get connected to the Plymouth Canton Community Schools menus!


National Sleep Foundation: sleeping-boy-clip-art

The National Sleep Foundation website offers tons of articles on different sleep topics and suggestions for ways to sleep better. They also bust sleep myths and explain how sleep works.


Centers for Disease Control:

The CDC website on Sleep explains key sleep disorders and provides a sleep diary template to use as a tool to examine your sleep patterns if you’re having trouble getting shut-eye.

Sources: Chinmoy, S. (n.d.). Breathing exercises. Retrieved from DeBurton, C. The Yoga Room: Ann Arbor, MI Kabat-Zinn, J. (1994). Wherever you go there you are: Mindfulness meditation in everyday life. New York: Hyperion

Action for Healthy Kids:

Action for Healthy Kids is an integrated, national-state effort, that is addressing the epidemic of overweight, undernourished, and sedentary youth, by focusing on changes in the school environment. This site includes tools and resources designed to help support positive changes in children’s nutrition and physical activity behaviors. Check out this site for school wellness policies, toolkits, handouts, and success stories.


Alliance for a Healthier Generation: Alliance for a Healthier Generation   The Alliance for a Healthier Generation is a partnership between the William J. Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association. The Alliance has created the Healthy Schools Program, which established recognition and best practice criteria that provide schools with tangible benchmarks to strive toward and to measure their successes. The Healthy Schools Program supports schools through electronic and telephonic support, such as implementation kits, webinars, success stories, and online assessment and action planning tools. The site also contains a Healthy Schools Product Calculator that can help schools easily determine if a snack food meets healthy guidelines.


BAM! Body and Mind: Body and Mind  is a resource for teachers to incorporate CDC health, safety, and science topics into the classroom. The site also offers a kid-friendly, interactive web page filled with health-related information and games. This is a great resource for students investigating topics for school or for personal interest.  

Food and Nutrition
Students can get advice about smart food choices and ways to stay powered up for an active life. This section is loaded with delicious recipes and easy-to-grab snack ideas.

Physical Activity
Students can learn about the importance of physical activity and find advice about great ways to stay active. This section features the "I Heard Hurdle Race" quiz. Students can also learn how people with asthma and disabilities can overcome their challenges and rise to the top.

Your Safety
This section provides suggestions on how students can stay safe while being outside and active. Kids are given ways to protect their bodies with proper gear and tips on how to play safely in the water, as well as shield themselves from sun exposure and ticks.

Your Life
This section offers students suggestions on learning how to handle stress, bullying, peer pressure, anger, and more. Features include the Ad Decoder, which helps kids uncover the false messages behind ads that target them.

Your Body
This section provides information on how students can take care of their body. Students can get tips on hand washing and oral hygiene. They also learn about puberty and how their genes affect how they look and act as well as their health.

Students learn about diseases such as SARS with CDC "disease detectives." This section also features the Immune Platoon, which teaches students how the immune system and vaccines keep the body safe.