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Make Technology Your Health Partner:

We all need accountability. Technology has made it easy to do that.  You can use technology to be your partner in assisting you in your Healthy/Wellness Planning.   Smartphones offer many mobile apps that can help you stay accountable to health needs and it is a great tool for keeping you on track with your Wellness progress.

Here are some smartphone apps you might like to try.

  • MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal_Logo

    The most popular weight loss app has a huge database to help track your food calories and exercise, offers a barcode scanner for easy tracking and syncs with your computer so you can work offline as well. Available on: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone

  • Lose It!LoseItIconLarge

    This app also has a large database of foods and activities along with a barcode scanner and a recipe builder. Available on: Android, iPhone

  • MyNetDiaryscreen-shot-2016-11-18-at-11.11.02-am-300x297

    This app is similar to the two apps above and makes it easy to keep a daily diary of your food intake and exercise, and offers a barcode scanner as well. Available on: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone

  • FooducateFooducate-logo

    This app educates you by allowing you to scan different foods and gives you a health rating for each food based on calorie count, sugar and level of processing. Available on: Android, iPhone

  • Nike Training Club

    This is a really cool app that is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. It has 30-45 workout videos that will play on your smartphone with a voice-over to take you through the exercise. It also personalizes the workout by pulling in your music from your own playlist. And it offers Facebook shareability and a rewards program to incentivize you. Available on: Android, iPhone

  • Endomondo

    This app is great for walkers, runners, and bikers because it tracks your route on Google Maps to tell you how far you went and how many calories you burned. It monitors your heart rate as well. Available on: Android and BlackBerry 


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